Saturday, 9 January 2010

Lushful Pastel

Well I'm SUPER happy about the pastel trend for spring/summer. It's about time we freshened up our wardrobes, don't you think?? We're out of the 80's revival and ready to maybe start our own fashion era. Sooooo are you completely stuck when it comes to pastels, or do you just not want to look like a doll?! I will try to cover all your pastel-coloured dialemas, so you can rock next seasons look with ease.

Read the Following Statements and find the one that suits you, or just skip to my Pastel Looks at the end

Pastels are too girly......!

Do you feel that pastels are all too sugar-coated, well they don't have to be, you just have to pick pieces that have a bit of edge.

Can you see the potential..............yes then we're getting somewhere!! This skirt has the ruffiling which will be bang on trend, the light hue whilst the black waistband, keeps it looking more edgy. Don't like the waistband - add a belt. A black belt in particular, a black BOW belt to be precise ;). Bow belts will look very stylish with this looks. (skirt is from topshop)

Just make sure the bow is touchable and you ready to go!
(Skirt is from

Do you like the idea, but don't want to go down the road of black. Then just add a belt in a darker hue, I would personally go for this one because soemtimes black is just too dark for spring/summer.

Simples :)

(Belt is from

To finish off the look add a statement necklace, again this necklace is quite edgy.

.....And is from 3.1 Phillip Lim at Traffic.

Pastles don't suit curvy girls :( !!

Well that all depends how you wear them. Find the body part you want to show off to the world e;g say it was your bust. Then wear a pastel on that half. Likewise say you don't like your legs, wear a darker colour not a light colour, this will give the impression that your legs are smaller.

If you really don't feel comfortable, then keep up with the trends using accessories :).

A lush slightly orinental looking bag from accessorize buy it online at This amazing bib necklace is from The glasses (the only shape to wear next season!) are Miu Miu, buy at , and finally the jewel bracelet is from

What Designers are doing all these sorbert beautys!!?

Well there's been plenty of buzz on the catwalks. I love Christopher Kane's bubblegum pink high heels - there to die for, but sadly me + high heels =  a big nono. However if you can handle heels, I say go for it :).

Now we all know that a Mac is an essential buy, in particular a burberry mac. The burberry mac has taken a spin and the results......

I adore the pink one and it will bring you bang on trend.

Chanel whole collection was mostly made up of whites, and below we see white mixed with marshmellow pink, and dewy blue for a fresh, girly look.

The trouser look, (bottom, left) is my favourite look, it's so causual and effortless, whilst still looking put-together.

Marc Jacobs is another designer who's got his eye on the ball.....................

Isn't this just such a lush look, I'm loving the shimerry pink shorts layered underneath that amazing coat.

So I hope that has answered all pastel dialemas you might of had, if you have anymore questions then just leave me a comment. Below I'm going to put together a few pastel outfits of my own.....





 The waistcoat is from topshop, as is the bralet and the bag, the skirt is from

Ok my secons look is slouchier and has a more exspensive feel to it......  


The vest top is DKNY and you can buy it from, the silk trousers are also from The silk cardigan is and the shoes are from topshop.

Now I am going to show you a really feminine, more dressed up look, that you might want to wear on a date.....


The boyfriend blazer and strappy sandals give it a more laidback look, also just have a simple piece of jewelry really keeps your focus on the dress, and keeps the look more casual. The dress is from, the shoes are from, the bracelet is from, and the blazer is from New Look.

If you have any questions or comments please don't hestitate to ask, or comment. If you enjoyed this post, then continue looking at this blog, and tell your friends.
Until next time xo

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