Sunday, 10 January 2010

Oooo The Bags Are In!!!

Are you ready?! The IT bags of the year are in, and who's leading the way..........
well only Louis Vuitton and Marc by Marc Jacobs,  of course!

In the two above pictures, we see the bag-charm-clad, across-the-body bag, and of course the bum bag. I know, who would of thought I be sat here writing down that bum bags are in Fashion!!
Well close your mouths ladies because they are, and they're gonna be bigger than ever.

Victoria Beckham has been see wearing the first style of bag,

......And Rihanna with her bum bag......

Now if you have the cash to splash on these desginer beauties, I would say it would be an investment, as they will be bang on trend this year. If not let's give you some high street options to choose from.....

All these bags have a buckle detail much like the Louis Vuitton version. Go for the first one if you don't want to buy your own bag charms, it is from (also in black). Buy the second if you want a bag that will go with everything, and will amazing after you put a few charms on to jazz it up, it is from Peacocks. Buy the second if you want a two trends in-one buy (the fringing) it is from The last bag is practical, has a small charm on the front and has plenty of buckles and is from

Bare in mind all but the first one MUST have bag charms added to actually do this trend. (Although perosnally I'd still add a couple to the first one - the more you have - the better,  is the mantra here :)
Here are a few bag charms that will look nice on your new bag......

Pile on as many as you like, go to markets,search through vintage stores, have a look in your usual shops, just find some charms that match your perosnality. Go as subtle or as made as you like, just make sure there is a few charms on each indiviual bag charm. The first one is from accessorize, the second one is from

Ok to be on honest so far I haven't seen any bum bags on the high street, I mean you could go into a sports store and buy a really pratical one, that has ZERO style, or you could just wait (Please wait!) and see what the high street could have to offer. I will be on the look-out and keep you updated. Until then if you really want one I'd say go straight to the top, and buy a designer one. Marc, by Marc Jacobs will have a great selection. Personally when it comes to bum bags I think that's the way to go.

Ok we've covered two of the current IT bags, now it's time to discuss the bucket bag also known as duffle bag and the pouch (...theres a lot of names). Here is a couple of big Louis Vuitton versions.

But the high street have really taken their inspiration from the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection.

This bag is SO cute. But we can get  look-a-likes for a fraction of the price...............


Ok I lurvee the first one and its from topshop. The second one ( remember what I said about tassles) is from The third one has got a nice zebra print design and is from  Temperley London at The next one goes with the pastel trend and is from The next one has a nice brooch detail and is from Pauls Boutique at Topshop. The next bag is small like the Marc Jacobs one and is from Diego at The last one is by Alexandar Wang and can be purchased at

Here are a few celebs who have been spotted witht the trend......


Freida Pinto and Nicky Hilton are just a few celebs spotted.

Now you've got the low-down on all this years bags, just remember to add a couple of bag charms and your good to go!
Until next time xo

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  1. Those are sooooo cute!!!!