Saturday, 16 January 2010

Goodies I found whilst shopping today

Hey Guys

How's your week been :) Did anybody watch a new series called Material Girl, I think it's gonna be really good. But the programme EVERYONES been talking about is Glee, and, well, it was amazing! I loved it, I watched it like a billion times like a complete saddo loool, but oh well.

Now back to Fashion. I have just come home, after going shopping with a couple of Friends, and I was in Topshop and found the most gorgeous bracelet. I couldn't get a picture of it off the internet, so i've had to take a bit of a dodgy photo myself lol.

My hand looks retarded in this pic lool but you get the idea.

I really like how it's got fabric flowers on it I think it gives it a really nice feeling, and how it has a knotted leather cord holding all the beads together. It will go with the spring/summer wardrobe I'm currently building. (Although I probz wear it tomorrow to bring a bit of sunshine into my currently snowy life - Urgh I hate English weather!!)

I found some really cool brogues in River Island as well today, my Uggs are completlely wrecked, so I think they might be the replacement. My friend Deloris was talking to me about Uggs the other day, as it happens. She goes to me, I don't get the point of Uggs they just make your feet look big, no one walks properly in them, and they ain't even that nice looking. I thought about it and she's right why do we all love Uggs so much, I gues I wear them because they go with everything in the Winter and they're comfy. But she got me thinking........What do you think of Uggs? Why do people obsess over them so much, I actually don't know. So sorry Deloris but I think that's one of the questions we will never know the answer to.
Anyway I got abit distracted - back to the brogues.

Ok once again I can't find the picture however I came across the most amazing high heel brogues by John Galliano

.....I think I'm in love <3

Is there anything that you'd like to see on my blog, or do you have any fashion dialemas? Just comment and I'll do a post on it
Until next time xx


  1. I like Uggs because you can tuck your sweatpants in them when running to the corner shop and they are practically a slipper that you can wear outside!

    I don't like the fact that they have no practical purpose as a shoe at all, they aren't waterproof, they are too warm in the summer, you can only really wear them when it is cold and dry.

    I'd prefer to buy some pretty heels, just as impractical, but better looking!

  2. lol I completley agree, I've had my fair share of ugg moments but mostly for the same reason as you - praticallity. I mean if they get messed up, (I only buy the fakes) then I don't really care. It's just an excuse to buy more shoes ;)