Friday, 20 August 2010


For this post, I have gathered various bits of inspiration from a range of sources. My main sources were Victorian dolls (kinda creepy, I know) and Russia,  then I gave the outfits a twist using my own personal style. Now I have been looking at the new trends for Autumn/Winter 2010 and thought that I should put some looks together resembiling a few.

I will explain how the inspirations are reflected in each outfit as we go along. So now let's go see my view on this years winter wardrobe......

This is my look that is for the cool girl. Y'know the ones, the girls who just ooze effortless coolness. Now how does this resemble dolls, and Russia, you may ask? Let me explain; The dress has got the lacey, and frilly details that Victorian dolls are famous for. However it has been brought up-to-date by keeping the cut modern and young looking.(Remember were going for vintage, not I'm wearing my granny's clothes) The shoes are brogue lace-ups; these look like Victorian boots. (See where this is going now..) Now the Hat (Ahhh I do love this hat!) is I think you'll agree very russian looking. The blazer is a boyfriend cut, and keeps the whole thing youthful, and the earrings finish the look off.

Personal touches you might want include could be; Red lipstick, geekchic glasses, or a ladylike bag (another big trend)
You can buy these clothes from.....

The blazer is from , as are the slip and hat. The shoes and earrings are from

This is my look for the girl who wants to look like doll. But in a good way of course :) The palette for this look, is in complete contrast to the previous. This one has got pale, pastel colours very alike to dolls, whilst the other was warmer, richer, basically more russian colours! Again the dress has got a lace detail, and vintage feel. But is a simple shift, so looks more modern. I'm loving a good fur coat at the moment, and they are a trend for this autumn/winter. The coat this year is probably the avitor, but personally I don't like, so I'm sticking with the fur trend! The necklace is just a classic cameo, it will never date, and is very victorian. And the shoes have an essence, because of the tie up style.

Personal touches; Luminous skin and Ice Queen makeup is big news this winter - make the most of it! The blow out (the hair trend this winter) would look fab, especially if you curl the ends of your hair, and finally if you like, add a ladylike bag.

The dress, necklace and coat are from, the shoe are from



This look is for the more girls who like abit of rock'n'roll. I don't know why but I could see someone who likes the Beetles in this outfit lool. The palette has gone back to Russia, and there is another Russian-inspired fur coat to add to the mix. This one is shorter and has a really cool collar, and is leopard print. All these accents make me think rock'n'roll. The dress is grittier looking lace dress, and the boots are actual Vicotrian boots, so look abit more tough and hard. The brooch pinned to the jacket would look really cool, and is really ellaborate and vintage looking. I think this outift has the attitude to pull it off.

Personal Touches; With this one its really entirely up to you, just go with it. I'm sure that whoever wears this outfit would have a really cool vibe to go with it, so I have complete confidence that this outfit is gonna stay cool ;)

The coat is for the designer busy-bodies (thats me out then) and is from Mulberry, the dress is from, the shoes are from Urban Outfitters, and the brooch is from Avalaya.

I hope you liked this post, and could see where I'm coming from! :)
Stay safe, and have fun!
Until next time,
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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Vintage Flora

Ahhh its's been such a long time since I last wrote an entry, but rest assured I am back, and ready to take the Fashion world by storm! So I'm doing my confirmation this year (Catholic thing) and I had to choose a name of a saint, which will then be added after my middle name, as part of my name. If any of that made sense! Anyway I chose Flora - I thought it summed up me, and I have to say I really love the name!

So back to 'Vintage Flora' I thought that in tribute to my new name, I would do a selection of clothing reflecting the title of, Vintage Flora.

Vintage Flora to me means, faded colours, vintage jewellery, antique floral prints, brogues, crotchet, pearls, lace, chiffon..... you get the drift!

So let's embark on our latest journey....Vintage Flora.........


This is definitely one of my favourites of the looks. It is just so elegant and feminine, I wanna wear it so bad!! The dusty pink dress makes an excellent base, for the cute little knitted cardie. The headband ties all the gorgeous colours together. Wedges are perfect for this spring/summer look, and the umbrella - well I think that just compliments this outfit perfectly! The dress is from, the cardigan is from Topshop, the wedges are from, the headband is from tarinatarantino, and the umbrella is from modcloth.


This has a really laidback, country vibe to it, and would be just as at home, walking down by the seaside. The blouse is light and airy, and the dungarees are faded, and together they just look good! The blouse is from, the dungarees are from Topshop, the hat is from forever 21, the glasses are from, and the bracelet os from saks fifth avenue.


Now this is a look I could wear everyday of the week! All the colours totally go, and you can see its all about the details in this look. The dress has a floral print all over, and one on the straps. The straw bag is perfect for summer and trendy because its a satchel. The brogues are cool, because they have that slightly worn look, the bracelet again has flowers and pearls which is perfect for the look. Finally hair accesories are big news right now, especially cute feathery ones! The dress is from, the bag is from Topshop, the clip is from, the brogues are from, and the bracelet is from

This look is really geek chic, the floral print of the dress is very antique looking. The cardigan is vintage, I've teamed it with an old-looking locket, and some over the knee socks, I then added Alexander-Wang-esq
clogs. You can get the dress from topshop, the cardigan is from, the lockets from 1928, the socks are from modcloth, and the clogs are from Miss Selfridge. 


This look has it all, chiffon, floral print, cute pearly necklace, straw bag, straw shoes with the detail of flower print bow. This look is effortless. It's so dainty and pretty, wear it and know that you look wonderful! You can purchase the dress and cardigan from Miss Selfridge, the necklace from, the shoes from , and the bag from endless.

Love this look, especially the little lacey socks! I really do have a soft spot for cute socks with shoes, it's really bad. I literally can't get enough haha! You can get this vintage number from Miss Selfridge, the necklace from, the shoes are from, and the socks are also from Miss Selfridge - I do love that shop!

I had to include a boater hat in this entry.....It just felt oh so right! You can get it from, you can get this adorable cardigan from Jcrew, the dress is from Miss Selfridge (and if you look closely, you see that its been embroidered with little flowers) an finally the clogs are from

I hope you enjoyed reading my Vintage Flora post, and come back soon.
Until next time,
Fashion Junkie

Sunday, 11 April 2010

OMG Lust-have!!

HOW nice are these shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A new addition to the blog, called Lust-have, where if I come across something particulary spectacular, they will have a short post dedicated entierly to them. Today its these A.M.A.Z.I.N.G Louisa sandal by Kurt Keiger

Now I am not one to get excited over shoes, (usually the fact I cant walk in most of the ones I like, doesn't help lol ) but these are worth getting giddy over. I mean c'mon!

And if the flats are not for you, they have their sister in shoehood, which is in heel form.....

Miss Selfridge

There has been alot of hype rescently over Miss Selfridge. Especially after Jessica Lowndes from 90210, wore a embellished Miss Selfridge jacket to a rescent event.

Not to mention More! Magazine is doing a competition where, a person wins a Miss Selfridge outift everyday.

Aaaand I just so happen to love Miss Selfridge, I thought it would be nice to do a feature on the top High Street shop.....

Miss Selfridge has had alot of inspiration from the 40s & 50s recently, I have put together some outfits using entirely Miss Selfridge clothes, this is how i got on......

I absolutely adore this look, and it's probably my favourite. It so chic and sophisticated, and is extremely feminine. All the colours blend and compliment eachother, because of their pearly hues.

This look has the whole girly cowgirl look going on, and is really chilled out and relaxed. The lace socks give a really cute edge to the brogues, and the bangles with the writing over them, really add character.

Hey check me out mixing different florals, I've been seriously scared to do this guys, but I've overcome the fear!!...I'm so proud lol :) Aaaanyway, like the above look I have mixed florals, which is bang on trend. I read in one of magazines not to mix more than two, but hey who says there's rules to fashion!?

This is my designer look-a-like outfit. These two pics are from D&G's Spring/Summer Collection. And this Miss Selfridge number is a mix of the two dresses, I have styled it as close to the pictures as I could given the resources. Pssst....look more florals! ;) its out of control, but oh well they make me happy :)

This look is like a more versatile outfit Katy Perry would wear. It is 50s inspired, and I think the kitsch, kooky earrings do just the job (Kitsch= another trend we've ticked)

This outfit is Breakfast at Tiffianys inspired. I found a black version of the earlier top, and paired it with a spotty skirt for a more mordern, kooky feel. I thought flats gave it a chic spin. You can wear it with heels (I'd recommend black heels with a scalloped edge) but I really think you shoudl stick with these shoes, the velvet, the detail, ohh they're so lush. You can't replace shoes like these - I'm just saying!

Last but certainly not least, the more I look at it the more I think this outfit works. It has now also become one of my favourites. Oh, how I wish I had lots of money, I would have so much fun shopping. This works because all the pieces have warm tones running through them, this is an outfit you could wear anywhere. Concert, date, shopping, cinema, it does it all :)

I hope I have showed how great Miss Selfridge is, and maybe even persuaded you to check it out. I hope you enjoyed my post, and tell your friends!
Until next time
Fashion Junkie xoxo