Sunday, 11 April 2010

OMG Lust-have!!

HOW nice are these shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A new addition to the blog, called Lust-have, where if I come across something particulary spectacular, they will have a short post dedicated entierly to them. Today its these A.M.A.Z.I.N.G Louisa sandal by Kurt Keiger

Now I am not one to get excited over shoes, (usually the fact I cant walk in most of the ones I like, doesn't help lol ) but these are worth getting giddy over. I mean c'mon!

And if the flats are not for you, they have their sister in shoehood, which is in heel form.....


  1. Cool blog (: keep up ya good work..I totally see why you are getting over excited at these shoes, (I <3 the flats) they are so gorgeous...Please check out my blog...Sarah..0x

  2. these flats really are soo gorgeous ! i want them where can we buy ?? and yes getting excited over a pair of shoes is important especially if there like this !

  3. They Are Dooooope
    Thanks For Commenting, I Replied.